Teaching & Research

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Governance, under the supervision of Prof. Mark Kayser (Hertie School of Governance) and David Miller (Nuffield College, University of Oxford). My work mostly focuses on the role of national identity and its effects on the functioning of democratic societies. I am also interested in everything that relates to political representation, political philosophy, and EU foreign policy.

Scholarships and Awards

Bachelor and Master: Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst
Reynolds Bequest graduate scholarship for academic merits New College, Oxford

PhD: Foundation of German Business

Teaching (Hertie School of Governance)

Teaching Assistance in Statistics, Master of Public Policy/ Master of International Affairs (Fall term 2014, 2015, 2016)

Current Working Papers 

Pride and prejudice – National pride reduces anti-immigrant sentiments

Work in Progress

Can regional identities function as a substitute for national identities?

How does personality affect the relationship between national identity and social justice?